Training in a COVID-19 World

The world today is certainly different than what it was just a few short weeks ago.
While the way we are training right now is different, the work is the same & it still needs to get done.
Here is how we are adapting:

  • 310 Running athletes are working independently. They are being given specific work to do & are being asked to find creative & safe ways to complete it. 
  • At the end of each week, athletes are reporting their results.
  • Weekly calls are scheduled with all athletes to go over their plans, their results & any issues they may be having.
  • We are also organizing virtual events to try to keep everyone connected through this situation. 
  • Despite the fact that many major events for our older athletes have been cancelled, we are approaching the training as if OFSAA & Nationals were still happening. This double periodization approach will be adjusted as the actual competition schedule becomes clearer.
  • Regardless, we will find a way to test our athlete’s fitness at the appropriate times in a competitive scenario, even if we have to create that scenario ourselves.
  • The MTA is pushing the outdoor season back with the championships, that we are hosting in Bolton, now scheduled for mid-September. Accordingly, younger athletes will have a longer than usual training cycle to build toward their revised schedule.
  • As soon as the social distancing guidelines are relaxed, we will start to train together in whatever size groups are permitted. 

We are committed to preparing our athletes for the 2020 outdoor track & field season in new & creative ways so that when the world is ready for track & field again, we will be ready too.