Cross Country

When & Where:
Aug. 22, 2023 to Nov. 9, 2023
Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays or Sundays (depending on comp. schedule) at various locations around Caledon.
Please see ‘Workouts‘ page for locations & times.
Changes to the schedule are at the discretion of the coaches. Competitions will typically be on weekends.
The cross country program will focus exclusively on running. Typical workouts will be mid to long distance with a reasonable amount hill and speed work.
Running surfaces will vary from soft to hard with a significant amount of work done on trails and grass to prepare athletes to compete in a variety of cross country meets.
Competitive athletes will train to compete in open university, AO & AC events.
All athletes will be registered as a member of AO for the 2023 cross country season.
The program is 12 weeks in duration. It will be extended as required to support athletes participating in ACXC. Competitive athletes are expected to participate in a minimum of 3 coached workouts per week.
Price includes:
1 ) 3 weekly coached workouts
2 ) coaching support at competitions
3 ) group training with high performing athletes,
4 ) ongoing progress review & feedback from our coaches,
5 ) AO membership
Price does not include competition fees or travel costs.

Cross Country Fees
Athlete Cost
 Senior – Born 2009 or earlier $275