310 Running Rises to the Top

On Sunday April 26, 310 Running participated in the 25th Anniversary Canada Life CN Tower Climb in support of WWF Canada.
The team made quick work of the 1,776 steps. Out of a total of 1,156 climbers, 310 Running placed 4 athletes in the top 15 overall & had the top 2 female climbers. In the youth team climb category, 310 athletes made up 9 of the top 10.
Nicholas Falconi, Aysia Maurice, Karson Proulx & Darryl Barber were 7th, 8th, 10th & 14th respectively.
Aysia was the top overall female with her sister Alexys Maurice coming in 2nd. Charlotte Barber placed 12th among the 605 female climbers while her little sister Paige Barber finished 18th.
Athlete Matthew Falconi & coach Scott Skimming waged an epic battle over the 144 floors with the wily old coach pulling out a huge 1 second win;)
In addition to having a little fun with stairs, 310 Running managed to raise $1,320 for WWF Canada.

310 Running Racing to the Top

There is no physical challenge that 310 athletes won’t accept. So when 310 Running’s Head Coach declared that he could beat his athletes up the 1,776 steps to the top of the CN Tower, it was on.
On Sunday April 26, a team of 310 Running athletes, parents & one coach (with more bravado than brains) will race to the top of the CN Tower in the 25th Anniversary Canada Life CN Tower Climb in support of the World Wildlife Fund.
Think anyone can beat Coach Scott? CLICK HERE to sponsor your favourite 310 Running athlete or the team or Coach Scott (aka, the soon-to-be winner). All proceeds go directly to WWF!